Dennis Kuipers

Birth Date: 
23 November, 1985
Driver Status: 

Dennis Kuipers Biography

Current co-driver: Frederic Miclotte.


2011 World Rally Championship with the FERM Power Tools World Rally Team (using the new Ford Fiesta RS WRC) - will do 11 of the events (excluding Argentina and Australia.

2010 World Rally Championship - nine events, competing in a Fiesta S2000 under the Stobart M-Sport Ford Rally team banner (except in Sweden, when he ran in a Focus). Results: 37th in Sweden (Focus WRC), 9th in Turkey, 19th in Portugal, 13th in Bulgaria, retired in Finland (accident), 24th in Germany, 17th in France, 11th in Spain, 16th in Wales.

2009 World Rally Championship - two events (using a Ford Focus RS WRC run by Ipatec Racing). Results: Retired in Portugal (engine), 16th in Britain.

Won the Conrad Euregio Rally in the Netherlands (in a Subaru Impreza S14 WRC).

2008 World Rally Championship - debut event in Germany. Finished 18th (in a Ford Focus RS WRC).

Won first event - Lausitz Rallye in Germany (in a Ford Focus RS WRC).

2007 Began rallying in the Netherlands.