Formula E CEO Alejandro Agag believes a merger between the all-electric series and Formula 1 could be a possibility in the long-term.

Formula E and its manufacturers already has sustainability at the top of their priorities and F1 is in the process of looking at ways to make the sport more eco-friendly.

Last November, F1 launched a plan to wipe out its carbon footprint of activity at race tracks in a bid to become carbon neutral by 2030, while the championship intends to make of all its events "sustainable" by 2025.

Speaking at this week’s FIA EConference, Agag suggested how the two series might combine in the future.

“I am a massive fan of Formula 1, I’ve always been,” Agag said.

“I think electric is going to be the power train or the way to move cars around in the future. And Formula E has a 25-year-long exclusive licence for a single seaters on electric.

“So that for me puts the condition to some kind of understanding in the future. How that will happen, I don’t know.”

The turbo hybrid power units used to power F1 cars are the most efficient racing car engines in the world and boast a thermal efficiency rating of 50%.

Following their introduction in 2014, the current V6 hybrid engine regulations are set in stone until the end of 2025, when F1 is seeking to introduce a more affordable power unit that is even more sustainable.

And Agag reckons as soon as a level of parity of performance is reached between F1 and Formula E, it would enable the two series to join forces.

“Once electric formula cars are as fast as combustion formula cars, I don’t really see the reason to race separately,” he explained. “But I’m guessing that’s going to take a while.

“I may not be around or may be around but not have the responsibility I have now. Not imminent, but I think the conditions are there in the future for some kind of approach.”



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