Lewis Hamilton says winning the Formula 1 world championship is not his sole priority in 2021 as he looks to push for further diversity in motorsport.

Hamilton has been a strong supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement and set up his own commission last year in a bid to improve diversity. 

Mercedes has continued to run its predominately black livery to raise awareness and emphasise its anti-racism message.

When asked what his priority was going into the season at Mercedes’ W12 launch, Hamilton said: “In the past, it was about just winning championships but now it’s really pushing for… last year there was a lot of discussion about equality and inclusion.

“I think there was a lot of talk, this year is all about pushing for diversity and really making sure that action is taken. That’s at the core of the drive for me but of course, we exist to win so that’s what all these guys and girls here are working towards so that’s my goal, to deliver that for them.”

Last month, Mercedes announced the seven-time champion had signed a one-year contract extension prompting suggestions Hamilton wasn’t prepared to stay in F1 long term.

Speaking about his decision to sign for just one year, Hamilton admits he’s in no rush to plan his future.

“Firstly I am in a fortunate position where I’ve achieved most of the stuff that I’ve wanted to achieve up until the point so there’s no real need to necessarily to plan too far ahead in the future,” Hamilton added.

“We’re living in an unusual period of time in our lives and I just wanted one year, then we can talk about if we do more and keeping adding to it one [by one] if we have to.”



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