The 2020 Formula 1 Bahrain Grand Prix has been suspended after an enormous crash for Romain Grosjean on the opening lap.

Grosjean was sent spearing off into the barriers at Turn 3 at high-speed after a clash with AlphaTauri’s Daniil Kvyat towards the back of the pack.

The Frenchman’s Haas burst into flames after hitting the barriers, an impact which tore Grosjean’s car into two. 

Thankfully, Grosjean was able to walk away from the scene of the terrifying accident seemingly unscathed, though he was seen limping into the back of an ambulance with the aid of the medical team following an initial checkover.

Haas confirmed that Grosjean was OK immediately after the crash but later said that he has suffered some minor burns to his hands and ankles, while he is also being taken to hospital as a precaution with suspected broken ribs/rib. 

An update from the FIA read: "Romain is stable and being taken by helicopter to the BDF Military Hospital for further evaluation."

"Romain has some minor burns on his hands and ankles but otherwise he is OK. He is with the doctors just now,” a Haas spokesperson confirmed.

The race was immediately red-flagged with the drivers returning to the pit lane.

A lengthy delay is expected while marshals work to clear away the significant wreckage of Grosjean’s destroyed car and work to repair the barriers which also sustained heavy damage.

Race control has since confirmed there will be a minimum delay of 45 minutes following the accident. 

Haas team principal Guenther Steiner initially said that Grosjean appeared to be fine other than suffering minor burns in what he described as a "scary" accident. 

"Romain is doing okay, I don't want to make a medical comment but he had light burns on his hands and ankles," he added. "Obviously he's shaken... I want to thank the rescue crews who are very quick. The marshals and FIA people they did a great job, it was scary."

The FIA released a statement confirming that Grosjean was "conscious at all times" during the incident. 

“The driver was immediately attended to by emergency and medical crews," it read. "The driver self-extricated, and was conscious at all times.

“He was taken to the medical centre before being transferred to Bahrain Defence Force (BDF) Hospital by helicopter where he is undergoing further evaluation.”



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